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Call or email to arrange your time to be sure the building is available and to get the combination to the door lock.
When you rent you have the use of the inside and outside rings.

  1. The rental fee is $20 per hour with $5 per hour for each additional  dog/handler.  Money can be put in the rental box on the wall in an envelope which is provided: write your name and time used.  Checks can be made payable to Golden Rule.
  2. (there is a sign in book located by the rental money box -- please be sure to sign in your name, time in, time out and date)
  3. If necessary you may turn the ceiling fans on.  Please turn them off when you leave.
  4. Building heat can be adjusted when you come in.  Please put the thermostat all the way back down prior to leaving the building.
  5. No dogs/persons allowed past the building up the driveway. We have horses and don't want them upset.
  6. There is a poop can and scooper available over by the end of the building.  Please use this area for exercising your dog(s).
  7. If an accident happens in the building, there are clean up supplies in the  bathroom. Please discard all soiled papers in the outside poop can.
  8. You may use crates in the building.  Please use your own dog dishes for water.  DO NOT USE THE CRATES BEHIND THE DESK.   Puppies under 12 weeks of age are brought in at your own risk!
  9. The bathrooms are located outside in the trailer.

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