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Companion Dog Sports Program (CDSP)

Sandi Ver Sprill, owner of Golden Rule School for Dogs, purchased Companion Dog Sports Program (CDSP) in 2010. CDSP allows dogs of any breed or mix, including those physically challenged, to enjoy competitive obedience and earn titles in Starter Novice, Novice, Open, Utility and Versatility. The programs was designed to make the sport more accessible to a wider group of dogs and handlers. CDSP has gained a reputation ofr being a fun and inclusive option for obedience training and competition.

The registry has grown substantially since acquired by Sandi. As of 2019, approximately 4,000 dogs of all breeds and breed mixes are registered from 20 states throughout the United States. Competitions and seminars are held regularly in New England, the Southeast, Mid-Atlantic and Midwest.

CDSP continues to look to include as many teams as possible. Most recently, a video competition option was added for competitors who are located in Canada or a state not yet offering a full competition program. As a perfect solution for dogs that struggle to compete in a traditional competition obedience environment, this program offers the ability to earn titles via CDSP Video.

For more information about CDSP, visit

For more information about the CDSP Video program, visit

Kelly and Turtle SN-C CDX-C in

CDSP Novice

Daisy CDX-C in CDSP Open

OTCH-C Abbey Road’s Bella VanWilliams UDX-C2 VT-C in CDSP Utility

Sandi and OTCH-C Jasmine CD-CCH CDX-CCH VT-CCH with Judge Linda S.

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