Experience the Golden Rule Class Difference

Whether you have a new puppy, energetic adolescent or an adult dog in need of a refresher course, Golden Rule School for Dogs can help. From puppy behavioral training to adult manners, formal obedience and energy-burning sports training, Golden Rule offers group classes and private instruction to meet every need.

Class size is limited to ensure that students get the attention they need and the training approach is customized to train every dog to its full potential. Backed by over 35 years of experience training dogs of every breed and age, Golden Rule classes get results!


Wilson, Sandi's JRT, practicing Rally.

Next session begins JULY 5TH
Class Information

All classes run for 6 weeks.

Agility Classes

  • Agility 1 - $150

  • Agility 2 and Agility 3 - $100

Nosework Classes

  • Nosework 1 - $150

  • Nosework 2 and Nosework 3 - $100

Obedience/Rally Classes

  • Obedience 1 - $150

Note: First week of Obedience 1 is orientation - no dogs allowed.

  • Obedience 2 and Rally/Obedience Workshops - $100

Drop-In - $20

Interested in becoming a Golden Rule School for Dogs student? Click the PDF icon to download the GRSFD Information packet.

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Find the class you want to attend on the schedule below. Check the calendar to see when the class session starts.


Click here to download and fill out the enrollment form (PDF). You must include proof of your dog's vaccinations and a rabies certificate.*


Mail completed form with your payment to Golden Rule School for Dogs (address provided on enrollment form).

* Dogs under 6 months old do not need proof of rabies.

Classes  We Offer

Obedience 1

Length of class: 30 min.

Class offered:

  • Wednesday @ 6:00pm

  • Thursday @ 2:00pm

Learn how to have control of your dog, be able to communicate commands clearly and just enjoy your family pet. Classes will teach your dog to walk on leash without pulling, sit, down, stay and come when called. Learn the use of words such as "Leave It", "Enough", "Drop It" and "Off". Class is designed for dogs and puppies four months of age and up. The first week is a mandatory orientation without dogs.

Obedience 2

Length of class: 30 min.

Class offered:

  • Wednesday @ 6:45pm

  • Wednesday @ 7:30pm

  • Thursday @ 2:45pm

Continue your education and your pet's training. Fine-tune the commands taught in Obedience 1 and work on attention and control with the introduction of distance. Skills include moving down, stand/stay and a reliable come when called, whether on/off-leash. This class prepares students for the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and AKC Trick Dog tests. Lessons learned in this class can help the teams test for becoming a therapy dog, too.

Obedience/Rally Workshops

Length of class: 1 hr.

Class offered:

  • Wednesday @ 8:15pm

  • Thursday @ 11:00am

  • Thursday @ 12:30pm

Note: See information in description for specific workshops held during times above.

During Rally workshops, students will work on all levels of rally signs required for WCRL Rally. Each class will have two practice runs that students will practice.


During Obedience workshops, students will work on exercises to prepare for CDSP Obedience trials. Each student will practice exercises for the class level s/he is currently showing in and also learn new exercises for higher levels, if needed.

Wednesday 8:15pm session consists of WCRL Rally (all levels) workshops. Thursday 11:00am session consists of CDSP obedience (all levels) workshops. Thursday 12:30pm session consists of WCRL Rally (all levels) workshops.

Agility 1

Length of class: 1 hr.

Class offered:

  • TBD

Note: This class only offered during July/August session.

Introduce your dog to this fun sport! All agility obstacles will be introduced in a safe, on-leash environment. Graduation to the next level is dependent on student attending five or more classes and dogs exhibiting no aggressive behaviors and being under control in the ring.

Pre-requisite: Completion of Obedience 1 or taken simultaneously.

Agility 2

Length of class: 1 hr.

Class offered:

  • Monday @ 12:15pm

  • Monday @ 7:00pm

This class is structured for those who have successfully completed Agility 1. Obstacle segment training will be included to start off-leash runs. This class offers a great opportunity to work on off-leash control while getting each dog/handler team comfortable with all obstacles. Teams will start to work on handling skills, including side changes, sending away, contacts and weave pole entries. Games will be introduced to increase overall weave pole speed.

Agility 3

Length of class: 1 hr.

Class offered:

  • Monday @ 11:00am

  • Monday @ 6:00pm

This class is for teams competing in agility. Each handler will walk and determine a strategy for each course prior to running his/her dog. Dogs must easily perform each obstacle and work under complete control. Courses will be set up to encourage the handler to make side decisions.

Nosework 1

Length of class: 1 hr.

Class offered:

  • Tuesday @ 12:30pm

  • Tuesday @ 6:00pm

This class is for teams that wish to learn teaching their dogs to find "odor" in boxes, chairs, tables, toys, etc. You will learn how to place the hides and read your dog when s/he finds a hide. This class will work on three odors: Birch, Anise and Clove.

Nosework 2

Length of class: 1 hr.

Class offered:

  • Tuesday @ 11:30am

  • Tuesday @ 7:15pm

This class is continuing education for teams who have graduated from Nosework 1. You will be introduced to new odors, high hides and ground hides. Students will also continue to learn how to recognize "Alert" behavior when your dog is on source.

Nosework 3

Length of class: 1 hr.

Class offered:

  • Tuesday @ 10:30am

  • Tuesday @ 8:00pm

This class is for teams that are currently entering trials. We will work on advanced hides, all odors and all heights. We will search containers, interiors, exteriors, vehicles, buried and Handler Discrimination. AKC, UKC, PSD (Performance Scent Dogs) and NACSW (National Association of Canine Scent Work) venues are covered in the training.