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Our Facility

Golden Rule School for Dogs is located directly off Route 206 in Andover, NJ in a beautiful country setting. The training building is 80' x 40' and features anti-fatigue rubber matting. It's fully air-conditioned and heated for year-round comfort with full-service indoor bathrooms available for students and visitors.

Interested in renting the building? The building and surrounding outside grounds are available for rent to clubs, training groups and individuals. To ensure the building is available, submit a request using our Contact form to arrange your rental day or time.

Outside view of building

Rental requests MUST be submitted via the Contact page.
Rental Information

Rental Fees

  • Individuals/Training Groups - $20 per hour for one dog/handler plus $5 per hour for each additional dog/handler

  • Club (renting for individual breed or small obedience/rally trial) - $150 per day plus $50 bathroom clean out fee; insurance riders are required

Rental Requests

  • Individual, training group or club requests to rent the facility MUST be sent from the Contact page - no exceptions.

Payment Information

  • For individuals/training groups

    • Obtain an envelope near the rental box on the wall by the main door.

    • Write your name and the time you used the building on the envelope.

    • Place cash or check payment in the envelope and drop in the rental box.
      Note: If providing payment by check, make payable to Golden Rule School for Dogs.

    • In the Rental Log Book, enter your name, date, time in, time out and additional student/handler names.

  • For clubs​

    • Contact Sandi to confirm and arrange payment.​


Counter space and equipment storage


Multiple entrances/exits

Indoor ring (40' x 55') with anti-fatigue matting

Additional Information

  • PER NJ STATE LAW - Do not leave vehicles idling on the property (in the parking lot, in the driveway or on the street).

  • Ceiling fans may be used, if necessary. Please turn them off before you leave.

  • Building heat can be adjusted, if necessary. Please put the thermostat all the way back down before you leave.

  • Please do not walk your dog past the building up towards the house.

  • A scoop and poop can plus poop bags are located on the property. CLEAN UP AFTER YOUR DOG.

  • If your dog has a bathroom accident in the building, there are clean up supplies by the desk.

  • You may use the crates in the back room of the building. DO NOT USE CRATES NEXT TO/BEHIND THE DESK.

  • Please use your own dish for dog water.

  • Human bathrooms (unisex) are located outside the side door in the trailer.

  • Puppies under 12 weeks of age are brought in at your own risk!

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