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Read Our Rules


  • Classes fill quickly. Please enroll early to ensure a place in class.

  • Applications must be accompanied by the class fee.

    • Refund policy

      • 100% before first class​

      • 50% after first class

      • No refund after second class

  • Proof of inoculation is required on all enrollments before starting your first class. Your veterinarian will provide you with a copy of your dog's shot record. This rule is for the protection and benefit of all class participants so there will be NO exceptions.​​



  • Only dogs registered for classes will be permitted in the training building. Limited crating space for registered dogs is available and crated dogs are expected to be quiet.

  • Class observers are always welcome. Family members are encouraged to watch classes.

  • Children must be accompanied and closely supervised by an adult (other than the one training the dog). Children must remain seated during class. They are not allowed to play inside or outside the building or touch or pet any dog other their own at any time. The minimum age for class participation is 12 years old.

Inclement Weather

  • An email will be sent out prior to 4PM the day of a class with details of the cancellation and the schedule for the make-up session.


  • We cannot be responsible for you missing a class during the seven-week session for which you signed up. If you do miss a class for Obedience 1, the lesson for the class you missed can be emailed to you. If the class is canceled for any reason, a make-up class will be scheduled at the end of the session.


  • For Obedience 1 classes, an appropriate training collar and a six-foot lead are required. All recommended training items will be available for sale from Golden Rule School for Dogs.

  • ID tags/licenses are NOT permitted on training collars. This will be enforced.


  • You must wear proper rubber soled shoes. No sandals, clogs or any shoe of that style will be allowed in the training ring. You will not be allowed to train wearing improper shoes.

  • Retractable/Flexi leads and chain leashes are not permitted in training class.

  • REMINDER: ID tags/licenses are NOT permitted on training collars (also noted in the Equipment section).

  • When using choke or prong collars, dogs are not to be left unattended in crates or cars when wearing them on site. It is also highly recommended not to leave these types of collars on your dog while unattended in your home.

Pet Health

  • Please be sure your dog is free of fleas, ticks and internal parasites. Do not bring your dog to class if it is sick with any type of illness.

  • Intact female dogs that come into season are not allowed to attend the level 1 classes. Handlers may come and observe the new lessons being taught. For advanced classes, female dogs in season are allowed as long as they are wearing "doggie britches", available from most pet supply stores.


  • Please exercise your dog prior to coming to class.

  • There is a dog potty area and a pooper scooper for clean up. Do NOT allow your dog to "do its business" near the building, cars or anywhere where students are walking or training. Also, do NOT allow your dog to "do its business" in the wooded areas or the street and not pick it up.

Looking for rental or facility information? Visit the Facility page.

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